Främre Boländerna – Uppsalas central innovation district

Here, we are now constructing modern workplaces accommodating 5 500 additional employees. Within a couple of minutes, you can reach Uppsala Central Station, and from there, within half an hour, you can reach Stockholm, Arlanda, and the world. The district already hosts the city's largest life science company, Cytiva, and one of Sweden's national innovation hubs, Testa Center. Here, Uppsala's tech and greentech sectors also converge. In Front Boländerna, there is knowledge and expertise, along with access to local networks and the global market. With its green spaces, it is a creative and environmentally friendly neighborhood that promotes health, collaboration, and competitiveness.

About the Area

Upside Stories is located in the heart of the upcoming and innovative Främre Boländerna, a part of the Uppsala Central Business District (UCBD). 

Boländerna is a part of eastern Uppsala, south of Fålhagsleden. Boländerna has an agricultural history which stretches back centuries, but over time it has grown into an industrial area. The large- scale production of pharmaceutical products began here in 1950 stemming from close collaboration with Uppsala University. 

Over the years, several large national and international companies have established their businesses in the area. One of these is Cytiva. 

Cytiva is one of the larger companies in the area today, providing over 1, 600 jobs. This makes them the largest private employer in Uppsala. Cytiva’s presence is very important to the future growth of Främre Boländerna, as the leading business district in Uppsala. 

Främre Boländerna will become a social, sustainable and innovative area that we are developing together with businesses, academia, researchers and policymakers.  

Främre Boländerna in numbers

The Area

Approx 36,4 hectar


5 500 new jobs in the whole area


A few minutes walk from Uppsala Central Station


Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about Främre Boländerna? Uppsala municipally has a lot of information about their vision for this area. This is something that has been in progress for quite a while and there is lots to learn. 

Read more via the link below! 


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Charlotte Skott, Director Business & Economic Development, The city of Uppsala
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